The tradition says that the quichuas men do not leave to the forest, or go to its daily tasks, without drinking two large "pilches" of chicha of yuca. With only this food they work, walk or hunt until the noon when they drink it again. In the afternoon the dose is repeated. Besides that the chicha is their main beverage, it is the first thing offered to the visitors arriving to Napo's quichuas communities. The custom is that it should be drunk slowly with short sips. If it is drunk quickly, this will signify that visitor desire more, and they will fill again the "pilche".

Its flavour is mild and picanté. For the first time, it is recommendable to filter with teeth the pieces of yuca while drinking. When it is finished, the container should be placed upside-down upon the floor.

The recipe:

Yuca's chicha

2 Yucas medium
1 Camote
1 Ripe plátano


The first thing is to peel the yuca and cook it until it is soft. When ready, it is well crushed in a boll. In a separate container mix the camote with water. Then admix the yucca paste, with the same liquid that it was cooked in, to the camote water. Next, it is left to ferment for at least 24 hours. The strong chicha can be drunk even after five days of fermentation, later it is too strong.

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